Bin Laden’s death is not the end of terror, Napolitano says.

The death of Osama bin Laden "is not the death…

The death of Osama bin Laden “is not the death of terrorism, unfortunately,” U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano told CNN at an international security conference Thursday.

Al Qaeda has been reaching out with “English-language publications and the like,” prompting an increase in the number of individual potential terrorists, she said.

U.S. counterterror strategy now includes both “widening our borders” by preventing potential terrorists abroad from boarding planes to the United States as well as dealing with “this growth of homegrown extremism,” she said.

Napolitano was speaking a day after President Barack Obama’s counterterror adviser outlined key points of the new strategy.

Source: Al Goodman for CNN.

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  • General Jim M

    Napolitano says,”Osama may be gone, with his’ bombs and suicide jihadists but Obama still has Homeland Security and the TSA to terrorize Americans.” What old American lady’s diaper will we search today as we ignore middleeastern women in burkas and hijabs boarding the same planes?Homeland Security should be restored to it’s original seperate departments and police powers should be returned to normal.Why should America live under a police state atmosphere because the muslims got lucky ONCE? Yes,i did say muslim.That is who is trying to kill us,muslims.If you don’t name your enemy he’ll kill you just the same,but you’ll be a dead fool.