Black Hills Ammo purchases 65,000+ square foot facility

Black Hills Ammunition has recently purchased a new facility to…


Black Hills Ammunition has recently purchased a new facility to expand its ammunition production capability. The new plant has a total of over 65,000 square feet of space and is situated on approximately 10 acres of land, effectively tripling the size of the Black Hills facility. Construction is expected to be complete in July of this year.

Black Hills has grown steadily from its beginnings in 1981 by concentrating its capability on producing high quality ammunition at reasonable pricing and focusing on unique niches left open by other companies. Black Hills began producing match ammunition for the US military in 1996 and has been dominant in the field of precision military ammunition line ever since. Black Hills holds a number of US military contracts for specialty ammunition. In addition, they produce ammunition for firearms dealers and law enforcement agencies across the country, as well as test-fire ammunition for most of the firearms manufacturing companies.

Black Hills advises that they will also be adding new equipment and personnel along with the new expanded operation. Black Hills is currently back ordered on some of their most popular products all the way into 2009. The new facility will help them to meet the high demands for Black Hills Ammunition.

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  • Jack Corn

    I use Black Hills ammo and love it, and use it exclusevly for my .223

  • Mr.Rabid is mostly inaccurate in his article about Black Hills Ammunition.

    Having dealt with the company since 1985, I would attest to the fact that the company is legitimate, quality-concious and fair.

    Would that US automotive manufacturers be run like BHA!

    It is noteworthy that Mr. Rabid couldn’t find the e-mail address for BHA.

  • George Quale

    “RELOADING YOUR OWN AMMO!It is well worth it, cost effective, and 50% cheaper.”

    Hasn’t reloading always been 50% cheaper than ANY factory loaded ammo? How could it not be?

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  • Jessie Rabid

    Since I couldn’t find an email address to contact Black Hills Co. directly, I will vent here…I used to buy all Black Hills 223 ammo but never again, your company was started and built by customers like me, who shoot for recreation. I can’t even afford to buy your ammo anymore. Black Hills retail prices are raping the consumer.I hope once Obama pulls all the troops out and cuts military spending, that you realize your mistake, by not being loyal to the people who made you company grow.My coyote hunting partner who is also one of the top 10 high power rifle shooters in the world,taught me to reload for myself. All I can say is thank god I no longer need your product. For those of you who read this thread believe me start RELOADING YOUR OWN AMMO!It is well worth it, cost effective, and 50% cheaper. You are able to fine tune your loads to your rifle.Do your research on reloading, and don’t waste your money on a company like Black Hills.