Black Ops 2 will feature more tactical, less linear gameplay, as seen on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (video).

Alan Ng from writes: If you watch from 1.25…

Alan Ng from writes:

If you watch from 1.25 into the video, you’ll see the new overwatch mode which gives you a birds-eye infrared overview of the current level you’re on, letting you see all of the incoming enemies so you can reposition your troops. You also have the ability to switch between any member of your unit, which will become useful for moments when a specific member of your team is in a more advanced position compared to others. You can even jump into the portable mech robot which is armed with all sorts of nasty weaponry – it looks very cool and obviously a big change up from previous COD games.

Activision’s Eric Hirshberg also made a point to say that the some of the missions in Black Ops 2 will allow you to play how you want to play, ensuring that gameplay isn’t too ‘linear’ as perhaps the franchise has become known for recently. There were obviously a few people who were unsure as to whether a futuristic setting was right for Black Ops 2, but surely Treyarch are now starting to win over a lot more people.

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