Blackhawk shows off new Manhattan, MT factory to community.

There was a ton of coordination to do," said Blackhawk…

There was a ton of coordination to do,” said Blackhawk Senior Operations Manager Tom Gregory. “We had 10 molding machines here, plus assembly.”

But that’s exactly what tactical gear company Blackhawk did in less than a week, from the small gun holster factory they outgrew east of Bozeman to their new home in Manhattan.

Production Planner Mark Herndon said they moved “to get a much larger facility, a state of the art facility, a green facility. We’re doing so many more things here.”

Herndon’s worked at Blackhawk for nearly a decade. He helped plan their moving celebration and ribbon cutting ceremony that took place on Tuesday.

“Thank you, Blackhawk, for taking a chance on Manhattan,” said Governor Brian Schweitzer at the ceremony podium.

For video and the rest of Lauren Maschmedt’s report check out KTVM NBC Montana.

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