Blackwater setting up shop in Fayetteville, N.C.

Blackwater is opening a Pro Shop and range in Fayetteville,…

Blackwater is opening a Pro Shop and range in Fayetteville, NC. Grey Group doesn’t know when they plan to open, but judging from the construction going on and the shipments of product for the Pro Shop, it should be soon.

Grey Group has been curious why no one else has opened in the area in recent years. Maybe we had something to do with it or maybe the conditions just weren’t right. All that is known is that Braggistan has always been the mecca of the training and gear community and that has only been solidified by this recent news.

Source (with photos): Grey Group Training

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  • Naysayer

    They are officially closed. They street sign is down, the merchandise is out of the store. What happened? they had the best range in Fayetteville

  • mike

    They have the “OPEN” sign lit in Fayetteville as of this morming.

  • Alvah Dickerson

    Great news! I hope they will also offer training.
    They are still the best, regardless of all the liberal biased press coverage. They were among the very best of the best I met in the sandbox.

  • Janet Macon Mobley

    Love it!!!Think they’ll do great there!