Bloomberg appears with Boston mayor in strict gun-control Super Bowl commercial.

Image: Handout/CBS The mayors of New York and Boston are…

Image: Handout/CBS

The mayors of New York and Boston are rooting for opposing teams in the Super Bowl. But they’re on the same side when it comes to pushing for stricter gun-control laws.

“Despite the great rivalry between Boston and New York that will certainly be played out in Technicolor on Sunday, what we wanted to show was that the mayors of both these great cities agree, as most Americans do, that we just need to repair our broken background check system in the United States,” Bloomberg advisor John Feinblatt told WCBS 880 reporter Rich Lamb.

Source: CBS

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  • randy

    fear the government that fears your guns

  • N. Louisiana Deputy

    Bloomberg is utter garbage and without the slightest doubt, sure as hell doesn’t speak for, or know anything about, “most Americans”.

  • wizard1975

    I think I will be skipping the Superbowl if this thing is going to air.

  • Rick

    Bloomberg doesn’t want better background checks. He wants all guns registered and then confiscated at a later date. Read HB1249 going down in Illinois. Never heard of it until I read a news blog today. Scary!

  • Bloomberg does not support the constitution of America. He wants no one to have guns…rich scumbag

  • Larry

    Screw him

  • Lee

    There is nothing wrong with the background check system in America. Just another lie by the communist Bloomberg to disarm the American public.