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  • Jdog

    sorry my spelling sucks i just type faster than my brain can catch up too.

  • Jdog

    Let me say right now i believe in all 2nd amendment gun rights!! but if a fellon tries to get a gun that should not be whithin his rights then yes do not sell it to him/her!!! blackmarket guns are wrong in every way!!! No matter how you look at it. criminals will always creat crime and even though they have to defend there families they lost that right comitting the crime that took away there guns rights to begin with. Even though loop holes exsist for bullshit crimes the majority of criminals should not be armed!!! that is why i say arm every law abidding american and disarm those who pose us harm!! united we stand divided we fall!!!!!!

  • Bogie

    If Bloomberg would keep his drug dealers and drugs in his own state then we would gladly keep the guns in our states.