Blue August signs new ammo manufacturer with K&A Ammunition.

Blue August, LLC. is proud to announce its new relationship…

Blue August, LLC. is proud to announce its new relationship with Tennessee ammo manufacturer K&A Ammunition, LLC.

Blue August, a marketing, advertising, and public relations firm based out of Jackson, Tenn., will be assisting Shane Bell, President of K&A Ammunition, in all public relations, editorial and marketing needs. Primary responsibilities of Blue August will be to introduce and brand the high-end ammunition produced by K&A, as well as continuing to build brand recognition and sales in the hunting, tactical, defense, shooting sport and all other appropriate markets.

“We are very excited to be working with K&A,” says Josh Sykes of Blue August. “They are a great company with a lot to offer. We are anxious to introduce them to the industry and help them to build a brand that reflects what they are capable of.”

K&A Ammunition, based in the growing city of Medina, Tenn., manufacturers new Full Metal Jacket and Hollow Point rounds in 9mm, 40 S&W and .45 ACP. Retail pricing begins at $15 for a 50-round box of 124 gr FMJ 9mm, $19 for 50 rounds of 165 gr FMJ 40 S&W, and $20.36 for 50 rounds of 185 gr FMJ .45 ACP. Other weights are available in each caliber in both FMJ and JHP.

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  • Bill

    always happy to see new ammo suppliers, however, I see no price advantage over the old brands of ammo.