BMW unveils X3 and BMW 5 Series wagon police concept models.

The vehicles are based on BMW production models, integrated with…

The vehicles are based on BMW production models, integrated with police equipment both during and after construction. “BMW’s premise for special emergency vehicles has always been to carry out the conception and integration of specific equipment features in close cooperation with specialists from each public authority and institution,” the company said in the statement announcing the exhibition.



The five BMW models to be showcased at GPEC are: the 3 Series Touring, the X3, the 7 Series High Security, the X5 Security, and the i3 Concept.

The 3 Series Touring and the X3 production models have BMW’s iDrive computer interface system that the company says is ideal for police work. They also come with options such as LED identification lights and additional warning devices; which – when combined with their performance as BMWs – mean that they need little beyond a flashing blue light and a police radio to become ready for duty.


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