Bob Costas goes on rant about gun control during Sunday Night Football broadcast (video)

Image: WFUV Bob Costas is loved by many for his…

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Image: WFUV

Bob Costas is loved by many for his opinions in the world of sports. However, he is coming under a lot of heat after his weekly editorial segment during the halftime show of Sunday Night Football for using the time to turn the tragic murder-suicide of Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher and his girlfriend, one that left a child orphaned in a matter of moments, into an excuse to preach in favor of stricter gun control laws.

Source: Jay Sanin for 1045theam

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  • Matt in Oklahoma

    and yet you all still watch the football idiots

  • Jill Smith

    PERHAPS we should call for a BAN on FOOTBALL, huh?? That was the start of his problem, ‘they’ say!! How do you like that Mr. Costas!! You need to remove yourself from public opinion and from NBC!! You acted irresponsible, not knowing all the facts!!

  • Jill Smith

    Mr. Costas, was out of line with his highly political rant, without knowing the true facts about guns and the many more thousands of people that were SAVED because they had a gun for self defense. This per the FBI Statistical information! The real problems in that tragic event, speaks volumes about Mental Illness and what ALL those around him KNEW about his problems… His girlfriend may well be alive IF she’d taken action and removed his gun from the house AND/OR got him help before he went biserk!! Everyone seemed to know he was not well…So what the hell?? Allow him to have a gun??? My family decided to take my 87 yr old father in laws guns, when he started showing signs of dementia. He hadn’t threatened anyone, we just used common sense and removed anything that we could think of that could cause he or anyone else any harm. USE your brains!! Guns do NOT kill people, Sick/Disturbed/Crazy people kill people… Are we now going to ban matches, gasoline, knives, rope and anything that could be used to kill someone?? Give me a break!! Do more to take action, when someone you love shows signs of mental illness and for God’s sake, get rid of their gun… NOT law abiding citizens that are responsible with their weapons!! TREAT MENTAL ILLNESS!! PEOPLE KNEW THIS COUPLE HAD A ROCKY HISTORY AND HE HAD MENTAL ISSUES!!!!!!!!