Boca Raton police officer shoots window, pulls passenger from fiery I-95 wreck (video).

Boca Raton Police officer is being credited with rescuing a…

Boca Raton Police officer is being credited with rescuing a trapped passenger from a twisted, burning wreck by firing two gunshots into the vehicle, shattering a window and pulling her limp body to safety.

Officer Jimmy Jalil Jr. was among the first officers to arrive at the scene on Interstate 95 just north of the Glades Road exit, before 8 p.m. on Wednesday, according to Boca Raton Police.

Video from the dash-mounted camera in the officer’s patrol car showed Jalil silhouetted against the flames from the engine compartment of the 2005 Chevy Trailblazer as he tried in vain to open the doors and break the windows, with several people trying to help.

A woman was trapped in the front passenger seat. Police say Jalil immediately grabbed a fire extinguisher from his trunk and gave it to a retired firefighter who stopped to help. After an unsuccessful attempt to put out the fire, the former firefighter also tried to break one of the vehicle’s windows.

Source: Wayne K. Roustan for the Sun Sentinel.

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