BodyGuard stun-glove leaps out of hollywood fantasy, onto the arms of LA Sheriff’s Department

The user determines they need to activate the arc device,…

The user determines they need to activate the arc device, then pull out the safety pin. The user then presses their fingers against the pressure button in the palm of the glove. The user can deter a person by pressing the pressure button and activating the demonstration electrodes making a loud sparking sound. If aggressor escalates the situation, the officer has the option of placing the stun electrodes in direct contact with the aggressor, in which case the pressure button will now activate the stun electrodes and deliver high voltage to the aggressor to attempt to bring them into compliance.

From Escapist Magazine:

In a bid to make every other cop on the planet jealous, the Los Angeles Police Department will soon begin testing the viability of armored electric gauntlets in law enforcement.


Created by inventor David Brown, the BodyGuard 9XI-HD01 is part taser, part arm guard, part mobile crime lab. It comes standard with an LED flashlight and video camera, but includes room to add GPS and chemical sensors as well.

Read the PDF spec sheet here.

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