Boise, ID Police say 18 firearms have gone missing (video).

Police say a department audit from 2011 indicated that some…

Police say a department audit from 2011 indicated that some of the guns it scheduled to be destroyed either weren’t destroyed, or were not documented as destroyed by the department.

Boise Police tell KTVB the audit prompted the department to request an outside criminal investigation to address the issue. Police went on to say the investigation did not result in criminal charges against anyone in the department, or otherewise.

However, police officials did mention that the employee responsible for keeping track of the guns resigned from the department last month.

Source: KTVB

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  • Jman

    Okay, First you anti-gun people say that all law abidding citizens should not have guns because we do not know how to use or treat them unless we are law enforcement or military. When will we learn and not allow this crap to happen? Like the soilder who killed 16 afghans. when will we say enough is enough this video did say no charges were filed?!!!! WTF…. So what society is telling us is that it is okay to portray/work as a good guy and live like a bad guy thay way you get away with it… F….n WOW!!! If you doubt this or are emotionaly charged by what I said just please do the research on all police crimes and military in only the last 5 years and see by an average the percent of them that actually get busted/charged to the percent of criminals that get busted and thrown in jail/prison… It will astound you.. Unless you are all courupt then if thats the case I love my 2nd admendment rights. This will have to be the only way my family will be safe from you.. and NOT ALL of you but the ones that understand what I am saying.. “Stay low, Shoot straight, Watch you six” Just saying anyone listing?….