Bolivia Upset Over “Aggression” as Snowden Fallout Continues

Taking a decidedly angry tone, Bolivia has accused European countries…

Taking a decidedly angry tone, Bolivia has accused European countries of an “act of aggression” for refusing to allow its presidential jet into their airspace, amid suggestions US fugitive Edward Snowden was on board.

Bolivia said France, Italy, Spain and Portugal had blocked the plane.

President Evo Morales was flying back to Bolivia from Moscow when the plane was forced to stop in Vienna.

Meanwhile, France has urged EU-US trade talks be delayed amid the fallout from secrets leaked by Mr Snowden.

The talks are due to begin on Monday but claims that the US bugged EU diplomatic offices in the US, and spied on internal computer networks, have upset transatlantic relations.


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  • Andre’

    Edward Snowden has been called a traitor and is being threatened with the full might of the United States power and legal authority, has deepened the huge gap that this administration has failed to close with Russia and our European allies and has diverted attention away from his message that the United States government up to and including Obama has been spying on both Americans and foreign nationals and collecting and storing data. Yes, Snowden caused problems for this administration, but nothing that it did not bring on itself by not having a truly “transparent” administration.

    However, the extent of this data gathering,its use and WHO GETS THIS INFORMATION has not been fully explained and the President has basically said “trust me…” so we have to take his word that this invasion of privacy is both beguine and harmless and the information is not being used for political purposes. However, since under Obama, the DOJ, IRS and Department of State have all been shown to act with malicious intent AGAINST American to support this administration’s agenda, the questions we need to ask is WHO in this administration was tapping into this goldmine of private conversations and communications. That is a good question since this last election showed an amazing amount of focus by the Obama machine as to where and whom to focus their efforts to campaign with undecided voters and harass people who donated to Obama’s opposition.

    Where did that information come from? If the data gathered by the NSA was passed on to team Obama that is a HUGE federal crime. Why no interest in following THAT trail?

    The other big issue is the venom and unified front, using the same language and focus (as if orchestrated by a political agenda) by our mainstream media against Edward Snowden. The one and only reporter who gives him a voice is accused even by Fox of being a “Advocate”, not a true reporter. Hmmmm… how many ways could that be true of reporters for NBC, CBS, CNN and ABC in relation to their fawning over Obama, negating or ignoring his many, many errors, gaffes and failures while supporting his every whim? But the reporter that tells the truth about Snowden and reveals the dirty secrets of how the power of our intelligence agencies are being used AGAINST Americans is classified as an “advocate”? That makes no sense.

    Especially since nobody has made the connection to a similar case where an American, Daniel Ellsberg, stole and released damaging information to the public. Famously called “The Pentagon Papers” he took it upon himself to reveal secrets in the 1960’s that the government kept secret JUST SO THE AMERICAN PUBLIC WOULD NOT KNOW THE TRUTH. However, the media loved and supported him and although charged, he prevailed because the media supported his every effort.

    Not so with Snowden. The media (undoubtedly taking its lead or direction from the White House) has vilified and negated his efforts (whose intention, actions and results were very similar to Daniel Ellsberg) while ignoring the real story of the data gathering of American communications AND WHO THAT INFORMATION WAS PROVIDED TO.

    Ellsberg said the documents he took “demonstrated unconstitutional behavior by a
    succession of presidents, the violation of their oath and the violation
    of the oath of every one of their subordinates”. Words that Edward Snowden could have said. Ellsberg added that he leaked the Papers to end what he perceived to be “a wrongful war” while Snowden had the same motives but failed to have the support of the media.