Border Patrol agents find loaded AK-47s near Rio Grande border.

Border Patrol agents make a dangerous discovery in a brushy…

Border Patrol agents make a dangerous discovery in a brushy area in Fronton.

Agents found two AK-47s, loaded and left by the river. Each assault rifle had one round of ammunition loaded in the chamber and 29 additional rounds in the magazine.

Agents were responding to a call about a suspicious vehicle when they found the weapons. The assault rifles and ammunition were turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

There was no word on whether smugglers left the rifles in the grass near the river.

Border Patrol agents credit an alert citizen for tipping them off to suspicious activity in the area.

Source: KRGV

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  • tyler

    I would like to know when the gov is going to realize what most of the real AMERICANS already do. We have a real big problem with not only drugs and “undocumented Americans” but all the things we don’t see coming across the southern border. Quit giving yourself a pay raze every year and cutting the things that keep us all safe like the military, police, and border patrol.