Border patrol agents in Arizona stake out hospitals, group says.

Image: CBP.GOV A group of activists and migrants in Arizona…

Image: CBP.GOV

A group of activists and migrants in Arizona claim that U.S. Border Patrol agents stake out hospital emergency rooms and maternity wards in Tucson to look for undocumented immigrants.

The Arizona Human Rights Coalition said that migrants and some hospital employees have seen Border Patrol agents patrolling the hallways of area hospital, including the University of Arizona Medical Center (UMC).

“They’re constantly at the hospital and that deters undocumented immigrants from coming in,” Kat Rodríguez, the program director for Arizona’s Coalición de Derechos Humanos, told Fox News Latino. “We’ve seen Border Patrol agents coming into the emergency rooms.”

“We do not have agents at the hospitals but sometimes they’re there because somebody is in our custody,” reaffirmed Steven Passement, a supervisor for the Border patrol’s Tucson sector. “They’re in our custody and it’s our duty to make sure they don’t escape.”

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