Border Patrol Agents in Texas Seize More Than 3 Tons of Marijuana

Edinburg, Texas — U.S. Border Patrol agents intercepted more than…

marijuana_2dbundles_5f200.jpgEdinburg, Texas — U.S. Border Patrol agents intercepted more than 7,243 pounds of marijuana in three separate incidents over recent days. The contraband has a total estimated value close to $6 million.

The first seizure occurred at the Falfurrias Border Patrol traffic checkpoint on March 6, when agents observed a tractor-trailer enter the primary inspection area. While the primary agent performed an immigration check on the driver, a CBP Border Patrol canine alerted to the back of the trailer area. During a search inside the trailer, agents located 357 bundles of marijuana weighing 3,584 pounds concealed inside air ducts. The value of the marijuana is $2,867.200.

The second seizure occurred on March 6, when agents assigned to the Brownsville Border Patrol Station responded to suspicious activity along the Rio Grande River. Agents arrived in the area and saw several individuals loading a dump truck with bundles of marijuana. As the truck tried to leave the area, agents stopped it. The bed of the truck held eighteen bundles of marijuana weighing 1,525 pounds and valued at $1,220,280.

The third seizure occurred at the Falfurrias Border Patrol traffic checkpoint on March 8. While the primary agent performed an immigration check on the driver of a semi-truck, a CBP Border Patrol canine alerted to the trailer. A search revealed 119 bundles of marijuana concealed within a load of pineapples. The bundles of marijuana weighed 2,134 pounds valued at more than $1,707,000.

The drivers, vehicles, and contraband were all turned over to the Drug Enforcement Administration.

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  • While I am not supportive of wide open drug availability, I can say that our current method/mindset is not working. To date the DEA has eaten one trillion dollars of our money. And they have nothing constructive to show for it. As a result of their effort, the cost of transportation has risen, bringing up the street price, (especially with Marijuana), causing a rise in thefts to support needs, and making the distribution more financially attractive.
    Apparently no lessen was learned from the days of Alcohol prohibition.
    And,,,,,,, comparing Marijuana to Alcohol, which is more harmful to society. If both were equally legal, illicit traffic would cease, theft of goods of non-involved citizens would lessen, and a number of alcoholics would divert themeselves to marijuana. Statistically, marijuana is not nearly as dangerous as alcohol, in traffic, domestic situations, hunting incidents, and more. Were marijuana to be legalized, and controlled and taxed just as alcohol; to include penalty for abuse, we non-involved taxpayers would see immediate benefit in reduced need for the DEA which is not making a dent anyway. Taxes derived from sales of marijuana could be diverted to combat addictiveness of more dangerous drugs, such as Meth, crack, heroin, etc.
    The DEA has accomplished nothing constructive.
    nuf sed

  • redgranite778

    If South Carolina were to legalize marijuana, it would get rid of the demand for imported, black market marijuana as residents would be able to grow their own. This would also decrease the sale of other, more harmful illicit drugs, like cocaine, heroin and meth, as marijuana users would not have to be subject to black market dealers that would expose them to these other harmful drugs. Get rid of the demand for black market marijuana and you will also see a decrease in the number of illegal aliens who bring the black market marijuana into South Carolina.