Border Patrol recruiting more black agents

Several hundred young blacks have applied to join the Border…

Several hundred young blacks have applied to join the Border Patrol since a recruitment drive by the agency’s Minority Recruitment Strike Team began in January.

Already the largest federal law enforcement agency with 16,200 agents, the Border Patrol is aiming to grow its forces to 18,000 by the end of the year. Only about 1 percent of Border Patrol agents are black and Minority Recruitment Strike Team is moving aggressively to recruit more black members. For more details on this, click here and return back to comment.

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  • Victor

    This is ridiculous! The agency doesn’t have black’s because blacks do not care to be Agents. In my time as a grunt in the USMC, I noticed a majority of whites and Hispanics. Why? In my time as an agent I have also seen very few blacks; two of them quit after two days in the field!

  • sharp

    ThThis is crazy that the largest law enforcement agency has the lowest amount of black employees. Trust me it has nothing to do with the testing, I believe it’s deceitful hiring pratices. I applied passed all test and was denied because of an immigration issue with my ex-wife and I am a current federal law enforcement officer with a critical sensitive clearance. Its crazy!