Border Patrol Union Blasts DHS Instructions to “Hide” From Gunmen

U.S. Border Patrol Agents of the Sector Response Team (SRT)…

U.S. Border Patrol Agents of the Sector Response Team (SRT) search an apartment building room by room in downtown New Orleans.

Border Patrol agents in Arizona are blasting their bosses for telling them, along with all other Department of Homeland Security employees, to run and hide if they encounter an “active shooter.”

It’s one thing to tell civilian employees to cower under a desk if a gunman starts spraying fire in a confined area, say members of Tucson Local 2544/National Border Patrol Council, but to give armed law enforcement professionals the same advice is downright insulting. The instructions from DHS come in the form of pamphlets and a mandatory computer tutorial.

“We are now taught in an ‘Active Shooter’ course that if we encounter a shooter in a public place we are to ‘run away’ and ‘hide’” union leader Brandon Judd wrote on the website of 3,300-member union local. “If we are cornered by such a shooter we are to (only as a last resort) become ‘aggressive’ and ‘throw things’ at him or her. We are then advised to ‘call law enforcement’ and wait for their arrival (presumably, while more innocent victims are slaughtered).”

The FEMA-administered computer course, entitled “IS-907- Active Shooter: What You Can Do,” is a 45-minute tutorial that provides guidance to all employees on how to recognize indicators of possible workplace violence and what to do should their office be invaded by gunmen and focuses around three main options; either evacuate, hide out, or in dire circumstances, take action.

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  • SrA BMadden

    My dad was LAPD, among other agencies, and of course had a sidearm AND a backup. He never had to fire on anyone, but I know he at least drew on a few. To tell LE professionals to run and hide when a shooter is roaming around possibly killing innocent people is typical of the problems plaguing this country.

  • SleepyDave

    I took IS-907 about 6 months ago. Its a 45 minute presentation meant only for office workers. It has no business being taught to armed law enforcement professionals.

  • Freddie Mac

    I heard about this on Calguns. What a fucking joke.