Boron-treated T-shirt can stop speeding bullet, says scientist.

The humble T-shirt may soon be strong enough to stop…

The humble T-shirt may soon be strong enough to stop a speeding bullet.

Scientists in the U.S. have developed a flexible shirt made of the same material used in tank armor, by combining carbon in the shirt with the third-hardest material on Earth, boron.

“It could even be used to produce lightweight, fuel-efficient cars and aircrafts,” Xiaodong Li, from the University of Southern Carolina, wrote in the journal Advanced Materials.

The plain white T-shirts are dipped into a boron solution, then heated in an oven at more than 1000C, which changes the cotton fibers into carbon fibers.

The carbon fibres react with the boron solution and produce boron carbide — the same material used to make bulletproof plates in armored vests.

The resulting material was stiffer than the original cotton tee, but still flexible enough to be worn as such.

“We expect that the nanowires can capture a bullet,” Prof Li said.

But bullets are just the beginning for the new miracle material.

Prof Li said the T-shirts could also block “almost all” ultraviolet rays, and possibly life-threatening neutrons emitted from decaying radioactive material.


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  • But think about it…IF I was goin to get shot with a +P .45 and had just a regular cotton tshirt on Im dead or critical any way. If this technology stopped the bullet from actually going through the material Im sure the chances of survival are better then just a 4.5oz thin cotton shirt. If im gonna get shot Ill take ALL the help I can get, espcially if Im a cop and have one of these shirts on under my vest covering the areas the vest does not. Bare skin or bullet resistance covering spot the vest doesnt? Hmmmm let me think…like I said, if the technology works then its a no brainer.

  • Walter

    You would do well to look up how a bullet-proof vest works and improve your knowledge base.

  • devil doc velez

    too bad you would die from the force of the round. getting hit with a rubber round has been known to kill. This professor needs to get a life!