Boston Bombing Highlighted Importance of Proper Tourniquets

Tourniquets proved to be crucial in the aftermath of the…

Tourniquets proved to be crucial in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon Bombing, said Joseph Blansfield, Boston Medical Center’s trauma program manager. “Without a doubt, tourniquets were a difference-maker and saved lives,” explained Blansfield, who had also spent a year as chief nurse of a combat support hospital in Iraq.

Historically, the use of tourniquets, both in a pre-hospital setting, or in combat, has been a “go/no go” issue over the past century. Surprisingly, even today, some physicians have issues with tourniquet application; however, a larger number of doctors believe in the use of tourniquets, given the proper use. Today, every combat soldier is issued, and instructed, on the use and application of tourniquets. The statistics, without question, prove the life-and-limb-saving efficacy of tourniquets.

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