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  • General Jim M

    The battle of Lexington Green. The colonists tried to intercept and stop British troops from stealing their arms and powder.How has Massachusetts, one of the most outspoken colonies against British tyranny,succumbed to these communist pro- every perversion plaguing the Earth,amoral,anti-christ pychopaths? No weapons for the serf but they eqip the Massachsetts police departments like an army.That seems to be the trend,disarm the citizens and arm the police like soldiers,then use soldiers with the police.What will be next to be banned? Baseball bats? That is when Massachusetts citizens will revolt,when the Red Soxs aren’t allowed to have baseball bats.

  • Eric

    This isn’t about “Public Safety.” This is about increasing government power because knives can’t ever be controlled. Take, for example, U.S. prisons: “knives” and other weapons are routinely made as evidenced by their routine seizure. If prisons (by definition highly controlled environments), can’t be in fact controlled, then how will “making it harder” for ordinary citizens have any effect? The answer is there is no real interest in the true deterrence of such laws. The goal is to gain “power” as has so often been demonstrated by history. These individuals are probably just “self-righteous” examples of this type, who are “chipping away” our freedoms one tiny blow at a time…