Brazil re-launches industry to develop high precision rockets and missiles

A Brazilian Avibras ASTROS-II SS-30 rocket is launched from an…

A Brazilian Avibras ASTROS-II SS-30 rocket is launched from an ASTROS SS-30 multiple rocket system mounted on the back of a Tectran 6×6 AV-LMU truck. The display is part of a demonstration of Saudi Arabian equipment taking place during Operation Desert Shield. DoD photo by: TECH. SGT. H. H. DEFFNER

The end of the Iraq-Iran war and the Cold War set Brazil’s defence industry back, with production shutdowns, job losses and collapse of the export market but all that is intended to change.

The one billion Real (480 million dollars) initial outlays by the Defence Ministry is focused on updating Avibras’ ASTROS, acronym for Artillery SaTuration ROcket System, which is capable of launching multiple rockets.

A modernized ASTROS 2020 configuration will include the production of a GPS-guided short-range rocket and an AV-TM300 missile that gives the new system a 180-mile strike range.

That level of reach would stand out in the global market, as it would rival the US Multiple Launch Rocket System and Army Tactical Missile System combined, Defence Industry News said on its website.

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