Breast-feeding D.C. cop forced to take leave without pay.

A breastfeeding D.C. police officer was forced to take leave…

A breastfeeding D.C. police officer was forced to take leave without pay after the department refused to bend a new policy and allow her to work a desk job.

Officer Sashay Brown returned to work in May after having her second child. At first, she worked a desk job. Soon after, though, she was forced to patrol the city streets under a new department policy that was meant to force officers who had made dubious claims of health issues back to the street. The Washington Examiner first reported the new policy last week.

“Because of my condition, I am unable to wear my [bulletproof] vest,” Brown wrote in her June 12 request to be detailed back to her station on limited duty. “Wearing my vest is extremely painful and could clog my ducts and slow down the production of my milk supply.” She was then checked out by a department doctor, who advised that Brown be given a limited-duty desk job.

Source: Freeman Klopott for the Washington Examiner.

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  • Jeff

    Well looks like D.C. wants to give away more money… this is a clear cut case of gender based discrimination.