Bridgeport, CT police create their own smartphone app (video).

Bridgeport police create their own app: "When you want…

Bridgeport police create their own app:

“When you want to submit a tip, you open up a menu and it will give you the ability to give a detailed tip and if you want to send pictures you can send pictures and video,” explained Lt. Daniels.

Once folks hit send, it goes straight to police. Residents remain anonymous, something police say makes people comfortable to come forward with information.

“People have this, ‘I’m not going to snitch’ mentality, which is really stupid, but this gives you the ability to report crime anonymously and you don’t have to worry about any of that,”” said Lt. Daniels.
Launched in October, Bridgeport police say the iWatch Bridgeport app is the future of policing.

Source: Ali Reed for WTNH.

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