Britain embarrassed by last-minute Olympics security shortfall.

The Thames River Police lead maritime security exercise in conjunction…

Thames River Police Boarding Teams in Olympics Security Exercise, London
The Thames River Police lead maritime security exercise in conjunction with the Royal Marines was carried out on the river Thames in preparation for the Olympic 2012 Games. Photographer: POA(Phot) Terry Seward

Britain could be forced to deploy thousands of extra troops in London during the Olympics after a last-minute security blunder dealt an embarrassing blow to the government just two weeks before the Games.

About 23,700 security guards had been due to protect venues as part of Britain’s biggest peacetime security operation, with 13,500 military personnel already earmarked to contribute.

But on Wednesday, Britain put an extra 3,500 soldiers on standby after the world’s biggest security firm G4S said it might not be able to supply the 10,400 security guards it had promised as part of a 284 million pounds ($441.93 million) deal.

Read the rest of Neil Maidment’s report from Reuters.

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