British Army will leave 40% of its equipment in Afghanistan

Image: DVIDSHUB/flickr About 40% of gear being used in Helmand…

Operation Herrick
Image: DVIDSHUB/flickr

About 40% of gear being used in Helmand Province will be scrapped or sold when UK forces finally leave by the end of next year.

The Government estimates about 11,000 containers of equipment are in Afghanistan, including 3,000 vehicles.

Of these, defence chiefs plan to bring back about 6,500 loads – costing tens of millions of pounds. That means leaving 4,500 containers.

These will not include weapons – but besides everyday items will be non-lethal military hardware that could be of use to insurgents.

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  • JJMcDonald

    This has always been the challenge of forces withdrawing. Starting with WWII, all governments have had to make the decision of what to bring with them and what not.
    When the US left Vietnam and “Transferred” thousands of pieces of equipment to the ARVN, it didn’t just include “support goods”. And I doubt that the Brits will make the same distinction either.
    They probably won’t leave behind Stingers or other advanced equipment. But I expect that a lot of “Munitions” will slip through the cracks.