British military buying 25,000 Glock 9MMs

 Image: KLaFaille/flickr The MoD announced Jan. 11 that it…

Glock 17
Image: KLaFaille/flickr

The MoD announced Jan. 11 that it has awarded Glock a 9-million-pound contract to supply more than 25,000 Glock 17 Gen 4 pistols.

The deal was signed in late 2012, and a first batch of around 2,000 weapons already has been delivered, the MoD said in a statement. British forces in Afghanistan were among the first to receive the weapon, the statement said.

The Glock 17 replaces the Browning L9A1, which British forces have used for nearly 50 years.

The MoD said the Glock 17 offered more accuracy, more rounds carried in the magazine and was lighter overall. Glock already supplies British police with side arms.

Source: Andrew Chuter for Defense News

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  • jay cee

    I find that comment insulting, considering we are supposed to be allies. There is a lot to be said for old technology for instance the bow, the knife, the rifle with a good man using it. There are a lot of good men US and British who are no longer here because of old technology. One bullet fired from a 100 year old rifle is just as deadly as a modern round. I noticed your military having to re adopt the 7.62 as opposed to the 5.56,just as we have had to in afghan with the sharpshooter rifle. Our forces in the UK are as good as yours, we just have idiots in government who have never worn a uniform, i see a lot in the US Congress of the same type. Most Brits are forward thinking,inventive and innovative in using what we are allowed to have, and not stuck in the past or egotistical. Remember our commandos led to your rangers and special forces we can still innovate today.

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    Wow you mean they didnt go backwards and use 100yr old technology cause of egos and antiquated ideaologies!?! LOL