Broward County, Florida murder suspect wins the first Stand Your Ground decision.

For the first time, a Broward County man has successfully…

For the first time, a Broward County man has successfully used the state’s “Stand Your Ground” law to block his prosecution on a first-degree murder charge.

Nour Badi Jarkas, 54, of Plantation, was facing trial for the January 2009 shooting death of his estranged wife’s boyfriend, John Concannon. But Broward Circuit Judge Ilona Holmes ordered an acquittal after finding that Jarkas was an invited guest in his wife’s home and felt threatened during a confrontation with the victim.

Prosecutors said Monday they will not appeal.

Months after the jurors deadlocked, the Florida Supreme Court ruled that the Stand Your Ground law, passed in 2005, is intended to keep certain self-defense cases from ever getting to a jury. In Palm Beach County, the first successful use of the law for that purpose came in September. Circuit Judge Richard Oftedal dismissed first-degree murder charges against Michael Monahan, a disabled veteran who shot and killed two men who reportedly cornered him in the cabin of his sailboat.

Source: Rafael A. Olmeda for the Sun Sentinel.

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  • Sumner Thompson

    Every state should have this law. This is the USA you know, Look what has happened in England and other liberal countries, the people who break into a persons home and attached the family, if the home owner shot or clubbed the intruder, guess who goes to the cooler??? That is why it is important to get these laws that protect us against brutal crooks who who get into your house or car with the intent to rob or kill you and your family.