Brownells Business Advantage For Gunsmiths

As part of their continued dedication to the success of…

As part of their continued dedication to the success of gunsmiths, Brownells® takes great pride in announcing the first stage of a multifaceted business program designed specifically to make gunsmiths and gunshops more successful and profitable, the Brownells Business Advantage™ (BBA™).

Initial benefits of the program include: savings on credit card processing fees, business and product liability insurance, procurement card rate savings, and discounts from UPS®. With their $100 annual membership into the BBA (renewal rate is only $50/yr.), members can select any or all of the program’s benefits.

“We are absolutely delighted to offer a program that offers a very real advantage to our customers,” said company Chairman and CEO Frank Brownell. “No similar programs can save members as much money or provide as many benefits. We’ve used our relationships with First National Bank of Omaha and UPS to provide our customers with a simple way to decrease costs, and that means an increase in their profits.”

One of the largest credit card providers in the United States, First National Bank of Omaha is responsible for credit card processing portion of the program. BBA members can receive new processing equipment at no charge or use their existing equipment. Members also will receive processing rates as low as 1.38 percent.

First National also can provide members with business procurement cards. Procurement cards offer shop owners the options of either a low 3.5 percent Annual Percentage Rate or 1.25 percent cash back on all purchases. Members can keep all of their existing bank accounts and do not need to transfer to First National Bank of Omaha.

“The success of small, independent gunsmiths and gunshops often serves as a barometer for the future of the firearms industry,” commented Pete Brownell, company president. “It’s not only important to Brownells, but the industry as a whole to keep these businesses flourishing. The Brownells Business Advantage is designed to help these businesses increase profits and stay in the black.”

In addition, BBA members receive a discounted rate on shipping through UPS. The discount is based on the member’s individual weekly average and applies to inbound and outbound packages. Members with existing UPS accounts can have their account transferred to the BBA program for free.

Business and product liability insurance is another feature of the BBA. Provided by AIG® and underwritten by the Joseph Chiarello Company, the insurance is available in both Property and Commercial General Liability. Currently, AIG insurance has the widest range of insurance products available to the firearms industry. Additionally, the Joseph Chiarello Company will provide BBA members with the “Best Practices” for safeguarding their business.

Gunsmiths and gunshop owners interested in the BBA can find more information or sign up online at call (800)-741-0015 or visit

Brownells is the world’s largest supplier of firearm parts, tools, equipment and accessories. Stocking more than 30,000 items, the company services gunsmiths, armorers and shooters worldwide. For more information or to place an order, call (800) 741-0015, Dept. #PE7, or visit

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  • Dear;Frank an Pete
    You have done more for the gun Industry in general,as well the Gunsmiths an others to professionaly demenostraight and promote the Gunsmithing Business.This with your Idea and subject matter and in this tips to both the public and gunsmiths.
    You brought a cohesiveness to the industry as well the Professionalism of this tradecraft to OEM and to the people that do the work. You have
    shown this by your many publication and teaching both the Gunsmiths and the public how it is done.

    This new ideas and control systems that you brought to the Industry will not only give the gunsmith more time to do his craft than try to find a ticket in a very simple and organised way for the business owner but the vast amount paperwork that has to be done for ATFE. Making it
    a snap to get the Information back in case the owners weapon was stolen ,lost and destroyed by an unnatural situations!

    I thank you Sincerely,
    David Cooper

    PS:I am the senior gunsmith at Griffith Guns Ltd.
    We have been a custom builder for Law Enforcementnd custom gun maker for over 30 years now.And a prowd Life member and Benfactor of the NRA.Our history in the Gun Industry dates back to King James with the making of cannons in Wales UK.