Buffalo’s Police Strike Force Makes 145 Arrests in 10 Days

A multiagency police strike force has made 145 arrests and…

A multiagency police strike force has made 145 arrests and seized nearly $2,500 in cash during the first 10 days of an effort to target crime hot spots across Buffalo.

Mayor Byron W. Brown and other officials announced the results of the program and their interest in seeing it continue at a news conference Thursday at Grant Street and Garner Avenue on the West Side.

He was joined by representatives of the Buffalo Police Department, the Erie County Sheriff’s Office and State Police.

“This is sending out a very strong message to the crime element,” the mayor said. “Don’t do it because we’re watching, and our police officers are out there, and it’s just a matter of time before we arrest you and put you in jail.”

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  • bllsht

    145 arrests 2500 hundred dollars,
    Hmmm, cant be too bright, the cops have more of that drug money in there pockets than the perps do? I wonder how that happens?

  • Sampson

    I wonder, when Hitler just started to round up political enemies,did the press call them criminals.I have noticed in the news media that there are increased incidents of veterans vs cops and more mass arrests of supposed drug offenders.I wonder what they would call me? A counterrevolutionary,military veteran,who is a constitutionalist,a christian AND a white heterosexual male born prior to mass brainwashing.( you know,before the schools were run by the Feds and globalists )145 arrests in 10 days?I’m sure they can get it up to 145,000 if they really try.

  • Sampson

    Good practice for citizen roundups.