Burglars should accept risk of being shot, says UK judge

A judge has told two burglars that if they choose…

A judge has told two burglars that if they choose to raid a home where the householders legally own a gun they should accept the risk of being shot.

Judge Michael Pert QC made his remarks as he jailed Joshua O’Gorman and Daniel Mansell for four years at Leicester crown court after they were blasted by Andy Ferrie’s shotgun while attempting to burgle his farm cottage in Welby, near Melton Mowbray, in the early hours of 2 September.

Rejecting a plea that he take into account the shooting, which injured and allegedly “traumatised” the defendants, the judge said: “That is the chance you take.”

O’Gorman, who was shot in the face, and Mansell, who was hit in his right hand, had pleaded guilty to the break-in at an earlier hearing.

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  • Lessing Ingo

    I Love this Judge…!
    I am from Germany and i can only copy the sad words of my austrian Buddy:
    Same Shit in Germany !!!
    A mother in a job center got killed by a Morokko Fugazy with a knife 2 days ago and the police wants more cameras… (cameras control people but do not save you from being murdered!)
    My friend from Texas wrote: Yo, in our job center the clerk would grab his gun and shoot yer motherf§$/(%& !!! File closed. Murderer is offline and mother goes home to her kids…

  • Porscheraser

    I like this Judge! Can you send him to our Country (Austria/Österreich) to learn our judges, what the right of the home means. To shoot on evry burglar who come in my home. And to provide all citizens fromthe “good fellows” tht dont want that honst people have guns at home.

    If you shoot a burglar in Austria, you hav really problems with the judges and the attorney. The burglar goes in the worst case for him into a luxory prison. With psychologists, with sports, with Theatergroups, with special food for forein people with cells for visitors (to have sex?) and they are allowed to go out!

    Open borders to the east are an invention for burglers to come to austria.

    And our politic men/woman want to forbid all privat wepons. To protect the burglers? or to protecct tehmselves?