Burglars steal guns, tactical gear, badges from police officer’s home

A burglar hit the home of a Denver police officer…

A burglar hit the home of a Denver police officer and stole all kinds of police equipment including guns, tactical gear and badges.

The break-in happened Tuesday in southwest Denver. Police want the gear back as soon as possible.

But a local gun shop owner says it will be hard for the thief or thieves to make any money pawning police equipment.

“What we do is take the gun in,” says Bob Kiggins of the Gunsmoke Gun Shop. He would say, “let me take this in the back.” Then, “[I would] get on the phone, call the cops–the cops come take this guy in and take the gun away.” That’s how that works.”

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  • Rob from fla.

    So the story goes cop in denver,,colorado gets ripped off. So were does the chicago cop car fit in this story.they making another 48hrs.movie

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    are theyreally so narrow minded that they think this stuff is gonna be pawned off? This is happening all over the US