Butte County, CA sheriff’s office hope to use grant to buy armored vehicle.

Image: KRCTV If money from a 2011 federal Homeland Security…

Image: KRCTV

If money from a 2011 federal Homeland Security grant is ever forwarded to Butte County from the state, most of it will be used to purchase a tactical armored vehicle, Chico Police Chief Mike Maloney recently announced.

The vehicle would be shared by SWAT teams from the Butte County Sheriff’s Office and Chico, and be available for incidents throughout the county.

The vehicle is expected to cost about $230,000 but could vary depending on the features it includes, Maloney said .

It will likely include a turret gun port at the top, a battering ram, running boards and tires that will allow the vehicle to keep traveling if they go flat, he said.

It hasn’t been determined if it will have a hatch entry at the top, as well as doors, officials said.

Specifications for the armor plating are pending.

Source: Greg Welter for the The Oroville Mercury Register.

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  • General Jim M

    Butte County should be reminded that this is not Nazi germany nor Soviet russia.Such light armor could be boxed in by abandoned automobiles or trucks and could be burnt.There must be a difference between cops and soldiers.The way it’s going the cops are becomming soldiers and the soldiers are becomming cops/social workers.I think the police should have all the fancy toys taken away from them.They will abuse them.