Calif. officials who guard Assembly members to carry .40 S&Ws full-time; Senate will not follow.

The recent shooting of an Arizona congresswoman and threats against…

The recent shooting of an Arizona congresswoman and threats against several California state lawmakers have prompted officials who guard state Assembly members to carry handguns full-time.

California Assembly sergeants previously were armed only when threat levels were high or during large events, Assembly spokeswoman Shannon Murphy said.

Beginning this month, they started carrying .40 caliber Smith & Wesson semiautomatic handguns whenever on duty.

Murphy said the Assembly made the policy change in response to the shooting of U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and others in Arizona in January, and well-publicized threats this year against Assemblyman V. Manuel Perez, D-Coachella, and state Sen. Leland Yee, D-San Francisco.

Source: The Associated Press

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  • General Jim M

    Most people who hire bodyguards are not worth protecting.

  • General Jim M

    No bodyguard can stop a trained determined assassin.

  • Tom

    This makes perfect sense because it was a congresswoman that was shot, not a senator. So all congresspersons need to be armed or have armed guards.
    The reason private citizens in California are not allowed to carry is that they are not at risk. No one ever heard of a commoner being harmed. Well have yo Ms. or Mstr congress person?

  • Giffords held a political event during War Time, in a grocery parking lot..WITHOUT ANY FORM OF SECURIT. This irresponsible action made it possible for a mad man to kill several innocent bystanders and gravely wounded the irresponsible US Rep. Should California Assemblymen have armed security personnel paid for by the taxpayer? Perhaps. Should the citizens of California have an absolute right to self defense and access to a personal handgun while traveling, and a SHALL ISSUE LAW that facilitates Concealed Handgun Licenses for all who are eligible? ABSOLUTELY!