California Assembly votes to ban unloaded open carry.

People who support the state's open carry gun law are…

People who support the state’s open carry gun law are feeling threatened. California’s assembly voted to ban gun owners from carrying their guns in public. Right now, its legal, but only if the weapon is unloaded. It is an old right that some believe is a new threat.

The Assembly voted in favor of the bill, which would make it a misdemeanor to carry an unloaded gun in public. Gun opponents also want violators to pay stiff fines as well, but groups like the NRA, hope the bill will die in the Senate.

Jon Schwartz is a Starbucks regular and just about every time he stops for coffee, his unloaded side arm is by his side.

“This is not a threat to the populous,” says Schwartz.

Schwartz is a member of Bay Area Open Carry. He says he carries his gun, for protection. California law allows gun owners to carry their weapons in public, as long as they’re not loaded. Assembly Bill 1934 is trying to change that; members voted to make it illegal to carry a gun in public.

“Bringing a gun into the public, makes the public less safe, we don’t know the backgrounds of the people carrying the guns,” says Karen Arntzen from the Brady Campaign.

The Brady Campaign to prevent gun violence backs the bill. They’re sure, instances like these, where open carry members met in places like Starbucks in Livermore and Buck Horn Grill in Walnut Creek gave the bill’s authors ammunition and got public sentiment on their side.

“What’s the point of having a gun on your hip, if you’re not going to do something with it? I don’t believe a person wears a gun on their hip like a piece of jewelry,” says Leonard Hurwitt from San Mateo.

People have reported seeing guns in public. ABC7’s cameras were rolling when Livermore police responded to a call that a man with a gun was standing outside a cafe. It was an open carry member ABC7 was interviewing.

“It would scare me to see somebody wearing a gun from their waist,” says Joan Berger from Hillsborough.

“Some people have a knee-jerk reaction to this method of open carry and I empathize with those people, however, they need to understand that their perceived fear does not trump everyone else’s rights,” says Schwartz.

Source: Lisa Amin Gulezian for CBS KGO-TV/DT.

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  • cc19

    Unloaded open carry should indeed be banned… in exchange for legalizing loaded open carry.

  • jason

    Wow how scared are all those people who bought into the whole guns are bad, people who carry guns are bad… except our police officers and military personel who have been trained to use one and uphold the strick values set before them blah,blah,blah….. Come on people!!!!! Please start with gun education and your own personal right to protect yourself. Just think, if at all have some rational thought. When you disarm those who are willing to protect their familes and yours “because a cop is too heavy to carry around with you all the time”, then you have made the criminal that much more powerfull for who will stop him/her then. Remember California when seconds count the police are only minutes away. A polite society is a armed society, for a criminal is most likely to rob,murder,steal,rape someone they know can not defend themselves because they are not armed then attack someone who is. Its because of this fear more innocent people die just because someone is waiting for the cops to arrive or that 911 operator to get all the facts before sending out a squad car. Shame on all of you who feed into that rederick. California used to be very free I know I was born and raised in San Francisco, CA. but soo much has changed. How do you feel now, you feared guns and trusted your politions now your state is in finacial dispare and crime is still very much apart of the inner city and suburb life. Please let those who can legally carry, carry a loaded weapon. A criminal who knows he is going to jail for an illegal gun possesion does not care about your laws, they still will do the crime they have set before them and go to jail or die because they already won in their minds. you loose because your at a friends or relatives grave morning there loss and the crimianl is basking with his friends and or relatives at camp fed. behind bars spunging off our taxpayers money to keep them warm and feed. Im glad I no longer live in California not only for my rights but the rights of my son and my beautifull women. Peace to you California but trust me your peace will not stop a determined criminals bullet but maybe just maybe a armed law abiding citizen could… Think About It!