California Breaks Record For Seized Pot Plants

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- More than 5 million marijuana plants were…

police2.gifSACRAMENTO, Calif. — More than 5 million marijuana plants were seized in California during 2008, breaking the previous record for pot plant seizures in a single year, prosecutors said Wednesday.The total collaborative effort of several law enforcement agencies resulted in 5,249,881 plants seized, officials said.

A total of 143 arrests were made in connection with the seizures.

“Our forests and public lands cannot and will not be allowed to become safe havens for Mexican drug cartels operating massive marijuana cultivations,” U.S. Attorney McGregor Scott said. “These criminal enterprises pose great risk to those simply seeking to enjoy these lands in the manner for which they were intended.”

It is the second consecutive year that the state has broken a record for marijuana plant seizures.

During 2008, 53 people were arrested in connection with growing marijuana plants.

The counties with the highest number of eradicated plants included Lake, Tulare, Shatsta, Mendocino and Humbolt.

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  • How many herb dispensaries will be allowed in San Diego? I hope that there a couple that are close together just in case one of them does not have what I am looking for.