California governor enacts ban on open handgun carrying.

Image: Gov. Jerry Brown announced early Monday that he…


Gov. Jerry Brown announced early Monday that he had outlawed the open carrying of handguns in public in California, a controversial practice that top law enforcement officials had denounced as dangerous.

Clearing his desk of final bills sent to him by the Legislature, Brown signed the ban into law after it was backed by Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck, Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca and other law enforcement officials throughout the state.

“I listened to the California police chiefs,” Brown said in a statement.

Source: Patrick McGreevy and Anthony York for the Los Angeles Times.

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  • dee

    Gov. Brown , do you really think that criminals care about open handgun laws. What about us law abiding tax paying citizens that put you in office.

  • All you freedom loving Californian’s, time to pack up and leave. Come to Arizona, I carry a double gun rig with fully loaded handguns and 6 extra mags, every where I go. Of course there are the usual places that I don’t carry, the post office or businesses with posted signs and I try not to give those businesses my business, or I carry concealed, any place serving alcohol and I’m not drinking. Other wise I carry two guns, fully loaded, openly, all the time. Time to flee California.

  • Bruce

    California, our own mini Marxist Republic. I guess all that’s required to get into office in California, is complete ignorance of reality and lack of common sense. What a shit hole.

  • Mike Johnson

    Right on GOV. Jerry Brown you are so right, the only people who should be carrying guns are the criminals….you Fucking idiot, way to go on weakening a community wanting to protect themselves. Can I call you directly when my family is murdered because I cannot lawfully defend them?

  • Jman

    A polite society is an armed society. It just goes to show you that the more you are ignorant towards any subject it either gets banned or removed from everyone’s eyes…. they can not see or understand what they are afraid of. If these people would just slow down and really study the facts on how criminal’s will likely attack someone they know is unarmed than someone who is armed… just look at the most recent FBI statistics on the crime rate in relation to gun sales/ownership and tell me there is no connection! Man feels good living in a free state. Best wishes to those still stuck in C.A.