California Gun Laws to Tighten Even Further

Already known for some of the strictest gun laws in…

Already known for some of the strictest gun laws in the land, the State of California may enact legislation to tighten their restrictions even further.

The State Senate approved measures that would:

• Outlaw detachable magazines in rifles and so-called button bottoms;

• Prohibit magazines that hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition;

• Require background checks for all buyers and sellers of ammunition;

• Reclassify certain shotguns as assault weapons;

• Require all gun buyers to take a firearm-safety certificate class;

• Expand crimes that would result in a 10-year ban on owning or buying firearms. Additions include drug- and alcohol-related offenses, hazing, violations of protective orders and court-ordered mental health treatment.


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  • Jo from Oz

    You Americans from the far right are great! Renouncing anything or anyone that tries to make your country a safer place.
    God bless your USA and your right to blow each other up! Hooray!!

    Oh, and while we’re at it good luck with the Creationist God thing too…

    • Paul Heldebrant

      Jo from Oz

      So you think removing all firearms from law abiding citizens creates a safe place? Really? Criminals would really love that. Tell me…how does that work from where your from? Here the criminals still posses firearms because there are not stiff enough penalties for doing so or no one gives a crap that they do……

      Remove the firearms from the criminals and then I may be willing to look at options for stricter gun control. The current BS that is being proposed is simply that…BS!

  • E

    Too many liberals here in California. The more free handouts they give, the more these worthless politicians are re-elected. That’s how they stay in power. Now if they could take our guns away they believe they can control the other half, the half that cares about our country and what sacrifices it took to get here.

  • Johnny Knoxville

    I love my state….ok, not really. The politicians here are absolutely out of control.