California man at home disarms, shoots and kills 18-year-old who kicked in his front door.

An Antioch man at home with his young son disarmed…

An Antioch man at home with his young son disarmed an 18-year-old man who kicked in his front door and shot him dead with his own gun, the second time in three months that a resident in the city has fought back with deadly results, police said Tuesday.

The resident, who was home with his 7-year-old son, did not answer the doorbell right away and then peered out a window, only to see his front door being kicked in “pretty aggressively,” acting police Lt. Diane Aguinag said.

“He just jumps the guy and realizes the guy has a gun,” Aguinaga said. “He somehow (got) it away from him” and shot the intruder three times in the torso, then called police, she said.

The intruder died at the scene, and his semiautomatic handgun was recovered. He was identified as 18-year-old Jeremiah Stovall of Antioch, who police say had a criminal history that included weapons violations.

Source: Henry K. Lee for the San Francisco Chronicle.

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  • Wolverine47

    Homeowner: 1
    Thug: 0
    The plan is working.

  • Larry

    Outstanding. Another win for the good guys.

  • ATXGUY Austin

    Just read this, GREAT NEWS that the gentleman and his son are safe and the idiot who started this is, ahem, clearing of throat…….dead, no longer a threat to society, costing this country money to house in prison or other judicial fiasco.

  • TexasDoubleTap

    Dipsh*ts who kick in doors of innocent people never learn their lesson. People who do BS like this deserve to get shot. Sad, but true!

  • Bryan in Oklahoma

    Good deal!!! dead suspects can’t talk nor can they do it to someone else!!!!

  • Patch Delta

    Another one bites the dust…another one bites the dust.

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    Good, glad they are alright and the BG died