California officers own 7,600 assault rifles, federal probe prompts investigation.

Peace officers throughout California have bought more than 7,600 assault…

Peace officers throughout California have bought more than 7,600 assault weapons that are outlawed for civilians in the decade since state lawmakers allowed the practice, according to data obtained by The Associated Press after it was revealed that federal authorities are investigating illegal gun sales by law enforcement.

Investigators have not said what kinds of weapons were involved, but did say they were ones that officers can buy but civilians cannot. That category also can include certain types of handguns and high-capacity ammunition magazines.

The AP’s findings and the federal probe have prompted one state lawmaker to revisit the law to ensure that the guns can be bought only for police purposes.

“I think it’s much more questionable whether we should allow peace officers to have access to weapons or firearms that a private citizen wouldn’t have access to if the use is strictly personal,” said Assemblyman Roger Dickinson, a Democrat who represents the Sacramento region.

The investigation has raised questions about the kinds of restricted weapons that the more than 87,000 peace officers in the state are entitled to purchase and about a 2001 law that allows them to buy assault weapons “for law enforcement purposes, whether on or off duty.”

Source: Don Thompson for the Associated Press.

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  • Black

    Well what do they mean by “assault weapons”?? That statement is vague since when dealing with an “off list” receiver build there are several items that can be affixed to the firearm that turn it into an “assault weapon” once it is equipped with a detachable magazine of any capacity(pistol grip,collapsible stock,forward grip, etc) Do they own 7600 registered assualt weapons that were registered befor the 94 ban or did they start buying listed “assault weapons” after the sunset or did they buy civilian legal off list lowers and affix them in such a manner that defines them as assault weapons per the CADOJ?? Are the “weapons” being sold ilegally on purpose or is it a private party transfer misjudgment…what is it… To me, this sounds like a bunch of bullshyt wrapped in a babys blanket and another attempt at misleading the people into willfully signing away more of our consitutional rights to the very people that will shut the doors on us and let us burn when the shyt hits the fan…

    The fact that those in positions of power that make these decisions have no conept as to what a responsible firearm owner consists of baffles me…not only that but none of them can shoot and would probably be a danger to themselves and anyone else within the effective range of the firearm that had in theier posession.
    Feinstein has a CCW but is a fierce opponent of us common folk owning one or having the same natural right to preserve and protect ours… I guess in her mind, her ass is worth more than those that pay her bills and hand everything to her on a silver plate.



  • D

    Why don’t we just hand everything over in this liberal worthless welfare state of California. I want to live as they do in Greece and Italy where the government takes care of me! uhhhhhh

  • JET

    Or someone smart could suggest letting civilans have the guns, the the problem goes away.

  • TGugs

    Kalifornia home of Nancy Pelosi need we say more. USEless State..

  • Gene

    Californians, I would assume.

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    Who cares what Kalifornia does