California prof.’s email discusses buying 12 machine guns, shooting 200 students

Six weeks after his 14-year-old son killed himself, a grieving…

Six weeks after his 14-year-old son killed himself, a grieving Rainer Reinscheid downed some sleep medication, cracked open two bottles of wine and wrote a chilling email titled “a good plan” on how he wanted to get revenge on the people he blamed for his boy’s abrupt suicide.

Reinscheid’s son hung himself hours after being disciplined by the assistant principal at his high school in Irvine, setting the university professor on a weekslong downward spiral that authorities say included setting small fires and sending emails in which he vented his anger about school officials.

He wrote about fantasizing about buying a dozen guns, killing 200 University High students, sexually assaulting the guidance counselor and killing the assistant principal.

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  • This has little to do with age, race, or intelligence. This is an example of the heights a parent can plummet after the loss, for whatever reason, of a child. Firearms happen to be a ‘hot button’ issue in the headlines currently, so it’s very logical that it can become an ‘easy’ outlet for someone at the bottom of their game.
    My heart goes out to the family, and I’m glad someone spoke up about this man BEFORE he did something detrimental.


  • Jimbo Rambo

    What’s with these bizzare crimes and would be crimes happening that would advance the gun grabbing cause of FAST AND FURIOUS.I mean they have body armor covered,high cap mags,gas mask,gas grenades? ( more probably smoke grenades along with spraying a gas canister )lots of ammo,buying ammo online ( you need a credit card to buy ammo online )they have lots of guns ( more than one )I guess they are white guys too? That’s branding millions of Americans as potential psychos just because they legally bought similar equipment and paid sales TAXES for the LEGAL products that they bought.This webpage glorifies the same equipment that is demonized by the politicians and news media.The police and military LOVE so-called assault rifles.Police and military use high cap mags,body armor,gas grenades and dare i say nuclear weapons.At present our government forces are killing people all over the world.450 million rounds of 40 cal for DHS? Huh? Now who is really dangerous.A few isolated nutcases or a government militarizing police and making soldiers police?

  • Eric Webb

    “Intellectuals” across the political spectrum often harbor a lot of rage, which they carefully try to hide, except when occassional “slips” (i.e., booze, dope, depression, psychosis) opens op their “closets.” Check out Dr. Thompson’s paper, “Raging Against Self Defense,” on the web at Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership; this is a great article by a psychiatrist who has studied the anti-gun advocate personality types, especially those who harbor dark fantasies about their own misuse of firearms, so they project these unacceptable feelings onto others as they believe (as a psychological coping mechanism) “everyone else” (that is, you and I) must also act and feel as they do. Although I don’t know this professor’s politics, it is statistically unlikey a university would tolerate a pro-2A advocate in it’s ranks…

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    pretty radical for a liberal Kalifornia educator.