California salvage diver to hunt for bin Laden body.

Conducting one-man manhunts of the world's most-wanted terrorist is so…

Conducting one-man manhunts of the world’s most-wanted terrorist is so 2010. Well, by land at least.

In a possible ploy to one-up the Colorado construction worker arrested last year in Pakistan with a pistol, a sword and night-vision equipment while hunting by himself for Osama bin Laden, a California man reportedly plans to search the Arabian Sea to find the now-dead terrorist’s body.

Salvage diver Bill Warren, 59, told the New York Post in an article posted to the tabloid’s website Sunday that he wants to photograph bin Laden’s body and show the world evidence of the al Qaeda founder’s death.

Source: CBS News

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  • CK

    What an idiot, he won’t find anything. It’s been well over a month since his body was disposed of, it will have been consumed by marine life by now etc.