Call to action: New York State Dealers in the Crosshairs

Anti-gun legislator Eric Schneiderman (D-31) in the New York State…

Anti-gun legislator Eric Schneiderman (D-31) in the New York State Senate is trying to circumvent the committee process to further his agenda. Sen. Schneiderman is trying to petition Senate Bill 2404 out of committee to the floor.

The intent of this legislation is to impose impossible requirements and restrictions on federally licensed firearms dealers that will in the end force each and every dealer out of business. SB 2404 and its supporters only have one goal in mind, and that is closing down firearms dealers. The most onerous requirement of the legislation is the imposition of liability insurance for the illegal use of a firearm that is legally transferred by a licensed dealer. It is understood that insurance companies will not write these policies, thus putting the dealers in a position where they cannot meet the “condition.” Among other things, this legislation mandates redundant reporting requirements and security measures that would be impractical to implement.

NSSF, joined by the affiliated New York State Association of Firearms Retailers, is encouraging all sportsmen, hunters and firearms enthusiasts to contact their local members of the New York State Senate, urging them to strongly oppose this anti-business and anti-gun legislation along with the sponsor’s attempt to bypass the committee process.

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