Camouflage Lawsuit: Digital Concealment Systems (A-TACS FG) v. Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corp.

A lawsuit filed Friday, December 16th in Georgia Middle District…

A lawsuit filed Friday, December 16th in Georgia Middle District Court could influence how camouflage design companies conduct this balancing act in the future.

Digital Concealment Systems, LLC best known for their A-TACS Camouflage pattern has filed a complaint against HyperStealth Biotechnology Corp. seeking judicial declaration of their use of the A-TACS Camo pattern and would like the court to state that the new camouflage pattern does not infringe on HyperStealth’s Patterns. Essentially DCS, LLC want free and clear use of their A-TACS FG pattern for licensing to their various partners. At the same time they want the court to issue a judgment in their favor for court costs, lawyer fees, and any other damages that they see fit.

Learn more about the lawsuit here:

Exhibit 1 HyperStealth Cease and Desist Letter to DCS, Exhibit B Ghostex SpecAM

Exhibit 2 Camopat SOPAT

Exhibit 3 Camopat Pro and A-TACS FG

Digital Concealment Systems v. HyperStealth Biotechnology Corp.

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  • David Robinson

    WOW ok, those two camo patterns look nothing like each other at all, Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corp. is the most pathetic company trying to go after DCS about their Camo pattern. If anything DCS should sew them for the damages they caused!

  • Frank_B

    I agree!

  • higgins it just me or are these patterns completely different?