Camp Lejeune Marine shoots crazy, naked home invader to protect wife, kids; no charges (video).

The witness said Darling was acting aggressive and ran to…

The witness said Darling was acting aggressive and ran to 111 Fieldcrest when residents turned on the porch light. The Marine resident’s wife opened the front door to find Darling standing there naked and talking about a lighter and a cigarette.

Darling charged at her and the Marine resident’s wife shut and locked the door. The residents called 911.

Darling began yelling for the Marine resident to let him in the house.

The Marine resident went to his bedroom and returned to the living room with his pistol.

Darling was ramming the front door with his shoulder.

The Marine resident told Darling to leave, and that he had a gun.

“Darling responded by saying he wanted a gun too,” Lee said. “The male resident walked near the window by the front door and attempted to talk to Darling. Darling then punched the screen out of the window by the front door and then quickly thereafter jumped, diving head first through the screened portion of the window into the living room.”

The Marine resident used a 1911 .45-caliber handgun to shoot Darling three times in the back as Darling dove through the window, Lee said.

Read the rest of Lindell Kay’s report at JDNews.

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