Canada Policy Puts Limits on Federal Police Stun Gun Use

TORONTO --  Canada has enacted a new policy that restricts…

TORONTO —  Canada has enacted a new policy that restricts federal police from using stun guns against suspects who resist arrest or refuse to cooperate.  The policy comes after an analysis from The Canadian Press found that three out of every four zapped suspects were unarmed.  At least 20 Canadians have died from the use of stun guns; Federal police officers used the guns more than 5,000 times over the last seven years.

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  • Jarret

    Well this seems rather close minded of my government.
    Perhaps what is really needed are more training programs
    On the proper employment of these devices. While I admit
    I am somewhat suprised to learn that 20 Canadians have died
    After being subjected to a shock from these devices I am
    Still dissapointed that the course of action taken was
    To further restrict the use rather than mandate more training.
    One can only hope that the training will follow due to this
    And the Canadian government will again relax the laws governing
    The employment of ECD’s. It really is in our officers and the
    Publics best intrests that our officers have the ability to
    Use every tool available.