Canada’s National Firearms Association says 428 police guns lost or stolen.

A group opposing Canada's firearms registry says it has discovered…

A group opposing Canada’s firearms registry says it has discovered that 428 guns have gone missing from police forces or other public agencies.

And Canada’s National Firearms Association, which obtained the figure through an access-to-information request, said it suggests police are part of the problem of guns falling into the hands of gangsters and other criminals.

The NFA says its access request resulted in the RCMP revealing that 32 guns have been lost or stolen from members of Canada’s national police force, 316 guns were lost or stolen from other police forces and another 80 were lost or stolen from other public agencies, not including the military.

Source: Neal Hall for the Vancouver Sun.

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  • AJ

    You said it B.O. Probably more people killed with knives, bats, pipes and whatever else you can think of than hand guns. So lets get rid of that registry next!

  • This is not news. Those of us who are interested in the subject have known for many years that in Canada more guns are lost or stolen from the police and military each year than are lost or stolen from private citizens licensed to possess handguns. More people are killed by women with kitchen knives than are killed by handguns in this country. Perhaps we should start licensing and registering kitchen knives.

    — B.O.