Canadian Prime Minister Promises New Firearms for Canadian Rangers, Use WWII Era Rifles Now

The Canadian Prime Minister has promised to arm Canadian Ranges…

The Canadian Prime Minister has promised to arm Canadian Ranges with firearms from this century.

The Rangers, who are part-time reservists in the Canadian Forces, are currently using firearms from the World War II era.

There have been previous efforts to buy the Rangers more than 10,000 new firearms but all previous attempts have run into obstacles and failed.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper said, “I am told there is no difficulty in servicing the weapons at the present time, but this is a concern, and we believe it is time.  The Department of National Defence is in the process of scoping out a program for replacement and I expect that to happen over the next few years.”

Read more at The Globe and Mail.

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  • Adrian

    Its the stupid ass civilians in our defense dept that decide what to buy. People that have no effing idea about whats what. Lets save pennies and keep our troops using although great rifles, in the stone age. This is one of my biggest complaints with our government. Where the hell are our F35’s?????? Diefenbaker should of never listened to the US and kept the Avro Arrow and the Iroquois engine. We would of had lots of money to buy needed equiipment instead of buying used shit. I draw your attention to the British U boats that we over paid for and now suck ass.

    “A pissed Canuck”