Canton, Ohio Police Officer berates driver over concealed weapon.

Canton police are investigating a verbal altercation between an officer…

Canton police are investigating a verbal altercation between an officer and a driver who had a concealed carry permit for a gun.

Officer Daniel Harless was placed on administrative leave after the incident on June 8, according to Police Chief Dean McKimm.

By law in Ohio, drivers who are legally carrying guns, are supposed to tell officers immediately during a traffic stop if they have a gun in the car.

Source: Bill Sheil for Fox News 8.

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  • General Jim M

    Every time you are involved with a routine traffic stop there is a chance that a nervous or dominant cop might kill you if he misreads your movements.Don’t do anything you are not instructed to do and put your dome light on so he can see you.

  • Adam

    I live rather close to Canton, Ohio and can say that while many LEO’s in the area or state are not like this, I deal with them on a daily basis, a small percentage are and they are more often than not getting caught. In years past their was only a persons word vs the officers so it never came to light.

    The big issue many people see, such as myself, is that police work for the people and should treat us as such. If a worker anywhere else did anything like this he would be fired immediately and probably only be able t find a job at a walmart or mcdonalds.

    This is the reason so many people are turning on Cops and saying we do not need you. Cops are not hear to be a military force they are peace keepers and that is it.

  • Oz

    To GREGORY, your correct i shouldnt have worded my opinion in the way i did, not all cops are like this one in the video and i did not mean it that way it was not intensional. I come from a Mil/Leo family myself and i understand exactly where your coming from, i just think police officers need to remember the oath they took to uphold the law and to serve and protect the citizens, also not to forget that they were civilians before taking the oath and putting on the badge. Cops are flesh & blood like everyone else, there is no difference between us. GOD bless and keep all the good cops who serve everyday & those who have lost thier lives on the job, they are the fallen ones we will always remember and respect. But you know that there are those rotten ones who should be looked at carefully like this one here on this video, people are supposed to feel comfortable and safe when they see a cop not fearful & uncomfortable. Good cops need to make sure things like this stop happening to good people, incidents like this one happen all the time and they go against everything a cop stands for.

  • Jon

    The officer in the video seems to think some people should not be allowed to carry a gun legally. I agree. The officer in the video should not be allowed to carry a gun legally. He seems quite scared and angry for no apparent reason.

  • Jman

    I saw this video earlier and was very discusted. The real question is how can so many peace officers be allowed to fraglently abuse their authority like this? Oh I know It was put into law with not only the patriot act but other laws like it to give law enforcement more control/jurisdiction on us the law abidding citizen’s. Don’t get me wrong, but I do have many friends and aquintences that are in the police force and they all have one thing in common, full of themselves, arrogant, tougher than you, and they will always stick together no matter what attitude. which is fine because of what you deal with on a daily bases you have to be tougher than the criminal you are arresting but DAMN…. We are all still law abidding citizens and maybe that is why everyone wants/needs a gun to protect OUR families from you and the bad guys… Its not all about the shield It is about us all…. Be carefull out there you just might piss off the wrong guy/gal because of your attitude. Constant training and counseling will help out with this kind of behavior. One can only hope!! Keep armed and protect your loved ones….

  • Todd D

    When I was in law enforcement, I didn’t care if a legally permitted individual had a gun on them. As long as they weren’t pointing it in my direction, it was no biggie. Too many cops freakout over guns. I was more worried about cats with knives.

  • Gregory

    To answer the question posed by OZ, I don’t shit my pants when a law-abiding citizen exercises his or her right to legally carry a concealed firearm. Please do not lump all law enforcement officers into one category. Way too many officers have been killed this year. I do not intend to be the next. It is unfortunate but I must be mentally prepared to expect the worst from any person that is armed. To do anything less would be reckless on my part and could be the last mistake I ever make. Upon contact with any legally armed person I am extremely cautious. I request the permission of the person with the weapon to hold it until my encounter with that individual ends. A legally armed person has never refused my request and I treat that individual with respect along with maintaining a mentally cautious state. When my encounter ends, I thank the person for advising me he or she is armed. To sum it up, I will take what ever reasonable precautions are necessary to ensure my wife and eight year old child never have to attend my funeral.

    As for the officer in the video, I will not comment on his behavior. The video says it all.

  • jojo

    Same old shit here in the Philippines, abusive cops harassing civilians if not mulcting them on petty traffic violations! Think they owned the streets…typical effects of having a gun on your holster…while patrolling(kuno)

  • Pliskin

    This cop is very messed up in the head and should not be around a gun ever again. He acctually said he should have executed him and that next time he was going to lose his mind, absolutely discusting.

  • wow

  • Oz

    Why is it that cops shit their pants when a law abideing citizen excercises his or her right to legally carry a concealed firearm? This man did not have any sporatic movements or hostile verbal tones in anyway shape or form so it makes you wonder why this cop was so irratated & emotionally upset by such a calm incident? The badge just isnt for everyone.